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Monster killing tips


1)Setting heroetree in different ways


Depending on what equipment u have and what amount of troops u have, u can use different monsterkilling strategys.


I go with the patient economic style, meaning i set the heroetroe with more focus on energy recovery and hero attack streak.


Normally i only use normal hits, that way i use as little energy as possible to kill a monster. To kill a level 5 monster i only need one max bar + 10k refill. Normally i then give a shoutout in my alliancechat and get that one hit help so i wont have to use any energyrefills.

To use this style i think its best that u have the ”food reduction” slayer helmet called slayers charge. With that on + 25/50% foodreduction boost activated u will not loose all food u have. But of course u can also only kill monsters when u have empty foodbar…


There are a couple of reasons people want to use other strategys in monsterkilling.

Many big players dont bother that much about killing monsters. They got other things to do in KVK KE and dont think its worth doing that much inbetween KVK:KE either. Because they dont use refills in KVK KE, they might want another setting.

Also if u have ordinary slayer helmet and a lot of troops they would also want to kill monsters as fast as possible to lose as little food as possible.

This is how such a setting should be arranged: